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Rubbers are polymers that exhibit a degree of viscoelasticity and possess the ability to undergo large deformation while under stress and still be able to return to their original shape when the material is unloaded. Because of their unique characteristics rubbers have a wide range of uses including seals, belts, restraints, bands, stoppers, coatings, and vibration dampeners. These products are often used in the automotive, medical and other similar industries due to their flexibility and strength.

Rubber Testing Goal:

Testing rubber determines whether they may be used in specific applications. Normally rubber is used in situations that require a product capable of large amounts of deformation and still be able to return to their original shapes afterwards. To test for this characteristic the materials are tested in tension, compression, adhesion and impact to determine the elastic modulus, the tensile and compressive strength, the elongation or reduction of area at break, how it will respond to shock forces and the adhesion force between the elastomer and reinforcing material.

Rubber Test Methods:

Rubber is tested using various tension, compression, and adhesion tests. The properties of rubber change sometimes significantly depending on their temperature, ozone and fluid exposure and age. It is very important to test these materials under the proper conditions.

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