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ASTM D412 - Tension Testing for Rubber and Elastomers

ASTM D412 covers two test methods:

Method A is a common guideline for evaluating the tension properties of dumbbell samples of vulcanized thermoset rubbers
Method B covers procedures to evaluate the tension properties of flat ring samples of vulcanized thermoset rubbers

ASTM D412 gives you the choice of six specimen geometries and cutting die. The standard calls for specimens which have not been pre-stressed to be measured for:
tensile stress
tensile stress at a given elongation
tensile strength
yield point
ultimate elongation

Equipment and Software Required:

Test Method A & B of ASTM D412 specify a test machine with at least 30 inches of travel and a test speed to 500 mm / min (20 ipm).
Our D412 software performs stress calculations as various elongation points and also does multi-test statestical analysis. The software makes testing for ASTM D412 simple. By means of our extensive testing expertise and modular product design, we will help configure the testing solution that is right for you

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