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Digital Compression Testing Machine

This machine is used to test compression strength of building material just like concrete, cement and brick. The test load can be indicated as real an

CHXX Digital Compression Testing Machine
Model CH32200 CH42200 Max. Load 2000KN Load range 80 - 2000KN Load accuracy 1% Loading speed 0.1 - 99.9kN/s Distance between upper and lower platen 320 mm Piston stroke 0 - 20mm Size of upper and lower platen 300 mm Power of motor for oil pumping 0.75......
Instruction of CL-03 Press Machine Numeral Display Equipment
CL-03 Press Machine Numeral Display Equipment is a kind of measuring equipment that is exploited in connection with press detect machine. It quite meets the need of national related detect standard, shows and prints interrelated data. It mainly applies......