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Laryee Technology Co., Ltd. is known as a professional manufacturer of materials testing equipment for determination of mechanical properties. Laryee's materials testing machines are highly engineered and stable, which thanks to the advanced production techniques and strict quality requirements throughout all phases of design and construction.
Our experienced technical consultants can provide you with all-round technical support and advice by assisting you to find the best solution to your requirements and offer you the most suitable model for your needs. Our support also extends to responsive after sales service.

Universal Testing Machines are necessary testing equipments for material mechanical property and strength quality control section, in university and college, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise quality lab.
The loading system of this machine, controlled by computer, rotates load through alternating servo motor and cyclical gear reducer. Torque and twist angle detection uses the high-precision torque sensor and a photoelectric encoder; computer displays dynamically the curve of test torsion angle and torque, rate of loading, peak of power and so on. It is a perfect testing instrument project quality testing section, universities and colleges, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise
This machine is used to test compression strength of building material just like concrete, cement and brick. The test load can be indicated as real and Max value. The result can be printed by the Mini printer.
MP series grinding/polishing machine is to provide the most economical and practical equipment for the metallographic sample preparation, which has complete specifications of the series, and can meet user’s demands.
HBRVS-187.5 is a high precision, easy operation, high sensitivity metal hardness instrument which is combine the Rockwell, Brinell, and Vickers hardness principle widely used in factory workshops, laboratories, universities and research institutions.
Charpy (simple-beam) Impact Testing Machine mainly used to determine the anti-impact capability of ferrous metal materials with high toughness, especially for steel and iron material and their alloy, under dynamic load impacting. This machine can be operated semi-automatically. The pendulum of the machine is raised or released automatically by button pressed. They are essential testing instruments for quality testing section, university and college, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise. The machine can do the test according to ASTM E23 and ISO 148 or other equal standards.

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