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ISO 6892

Metallic materials — Tensile testing

In this part of ISO 6892, there are two methods of testing speeds available. The first, method A, is based on strain rates (including crosshead separation rate) and the second, method B, is based on stress rates. Method A is intended to minimize the variation of the test rates during the moment when strain rate sensitive .Parameters are determined and to minimize the measurement uncertainty of the test results.

Computer-controlled tensile testing machine .Machine for which the control and monitoring of the test, the measurements, and the data processing are undertaken by computer.The machine should be designed in order to provide outputs giving analogue signals untreated by the
software. If such outputs are not provided, the machine manufacturer should give raw digital data with information on how these raw digital data have been obtained and treated by the software. They should be given in basic Sl units relating to the force, the extension, the crosshead separation, the time and the test piece dimensions.The following requirements should be taken into account by the software of the machine.1. Upper yield strength. 2. Proof strength at plastic extension and proof strength at total extension .3.Percentage total extension at maximum force .4.Percentage plastic extension at maximum force.5.Percentage elongation at fracture.6.Measurement of the slope of the curve in the elastic range
Equipment required:

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