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ISO 14125


This International Standard specifies a method for determining the flexural properties of fibre-reinforced thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic composites. under three-point (Method A) and four-point (Method B) loading.

Type specimens:

The specimens shall be free of twist and shall have mutually perpendicular pairs of parallel surfaces. The
surfaces and edges shall be free from scratches, pits, sink marks and flashes. The specimens shall be
checked for conformity with these requirements by visual observation against straight-edges, squares and
flat plates, and by measuring with micrometer callipers. Specimens showing measurable or observable
departure from one or more of these requirements shall be rejected or machined to the required size and
shape before testing.

Testing procedure:

The test specimen, supported as a beam, is deflected ata constant rate until the specimen fractures or until
the deformation reaches some pre-determined value. During this procedure, the force applied to the specimen and the deflection are measured.

Equipment and grips required:

Testing machine comply with ISO 5893, and with Method A (three-point flexure) and Method B — Four point flexure.

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