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ASTM D624-Tear Testing for Rubber and Elastomers

This testing standard helps measure a property of conventional vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic elastomers called tear strength. Vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) often fail due to the generation and propagation of a special type of rupture called a tear. ASTM D624 measures the resistance to tearing action and measures the force per unit thickness required to rupture, initiate, or propagate a tear through a sheet of rubber in the form of one of several test piece geometries.

Equipment Required:

According to ASTM CD624, you may use an electromechanical universal test machine along with a pneumatic or mechanical set of grips. The machine should comply with the related requirement of ASTM D412 and can keep It shall be capable of registering the applied forces within ±2% of the total force range or capacity during the test while maintaining the speci?ed rate of jaw separation:

For Type A, B or C test pieces, the rate of jaw separation should be 500±50 mm/min. (20±2.0 in./min.). For Type T and Type CP test pieces, the rate of jaw separation should be 50±5 mm/min. (2 ±0.2 in./min.). Strain the test piece until it is completely ruptured. Record the maximum force for Type A, B or C test pieces. For Type T or CP test pieces, take a continuous recording of the force throughout the tearing process.

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