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These test methods cover the apparatus, specimens, and procedure for axial-load compression testing of metallic materials at room temperature

Type specimens:

Specimens in Solid Cylindrical Form—It is recommended that, where feasible, compression test specimens be in
the form of solid circular cylinders.

Rectangular or Sheet-Type Specimens—Test specimens shall be flat and preferably of the full thickness of the material.
Where lateral support is necessary, the width and length are dependent upon the dimensions of the jig used to support the specimen.

Testing procedure:

After the specimen has been installed and aligned, and the strain- or deflection-measuring transducer
installed, activate the recording device(s) and initiate the test at the prescribed rate. Continue the test at a rate of 0.005 in./in.·min (m/m·min). For machine with load
control or with crosshead speed control, set the rate so the specimen is tested at a rate equivalent to 0.005 in./in.·min (m/m·min) strain-rate in the elastic portion. A rate of 0.003 in./in.·min (m/m·min) can be used if the material is strain-rate sensitive.

Equipment required:

Testing Machines—Machines used for compression testing shall conform to the requirements of Practices E 4. For universal machines with a common test space, calibration shall
be performed in compression.

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