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EN 310 Wood-based panels — Determination of modulus of elasticity in bending and of bending strength

This European Standard specifies a method of determining the apparent modulus of elasticity in flatwise bending and bending strength of wood-based panels of nominal thickness equal to or greater than 3mm.
NOTE Structural design values shall be determined according to methods according to EN789.

Equipment required:

1 Measuring instruments, as specified in EN325.
2 Testing apparatus (Figure 1), having the following essential components.
2.1 Two parallel, cylindrical, roller-bearing supports of length exceeding the width of the test piece and of (15±0,5)mm diameter.The distance between the supports shall be Adjustable. A cylindrical loading head, of the same length and(30±0,5)mm in diameter, placed parallel to the supports and equidistant from them.
2.2 A suitable instrument capable of measuring the deflection of the test piece in the middle of the span with an accuracy of0,1mm.
2.3 A suitable load measurement system capable of measuring the load applied to the test piece with
an accuracy of1% of the measured value.

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