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ASTM D4595-Wide-Width Tensile Test Equipment for Geotextiles

This test standard uses a wide-width strip specimen tensile method to measure  the tensile properties of geotextiles. ASTM D4595 is applicable to most geotextiles that include woven fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, layered fabrics, knit fabrics, and felts that are used for geotextile application. The determination of the wide-width strip force elongation properties of geotextiles provides design parameters for reinforcement type applications.

Equipment required:

Tensile Testing Machine-A constant rate of extension(CRE) type of testing machine described in Specification D76 shall be used. When using the CRE type tensile tester, the recorder must have adequate pen response to properly record the force-elongation curve as specified in Specification D76.
Clamps—The clamps shall be sufficiently wide to grip the entire width of the sample and with appropriate clamping power to prevent slipping or crushing(damage).

1)Two basic clamp designs are shown in Fig.1,Fig.2,Fig.3,and Fig.4.These designs have been used in the laboratory and have provided reproducible tensile
strengths. These clamps may be modified to provide greater ease and speed of clamping. In any event, caution must be taken to ensure the type material and dimensions of the clamp are adequate for the user’s expected fabric strength.

2)Size of Jaw Faces—Each clamp shall have jaw faces measuring wider than the width of the specimen, 200mm(8in.), and aminimum of 50-mm(2-in.) length in the direction of the applied force.

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