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ASTM D882-Tensile Testing for Thin Plastic Sheeting

This test method covers the determination of tensile properties of plastics in the form of thin sheeting and films (less than 1.0mm(0.04in.) in thickness). The samples can be cut into simple rectangular strips rather than the typical dumbbell shape. This test method can be used to test all plastics within the thickness range described and the capacity of the machine employed.Tensile properties of the plastic can be measured with grip separation, extension indicators, or displacement of gage marks.

Equipment required:

Testing Machine—A testing machine of the constant rate-of-crosshead-movement type and comprising.

essentially the following:

Fixed Member—A fixed or essentially stationary member carrying one grip;

Movable Member—A movable member carrying a second grip;

Grips—A set of grips for holding the test specimen between thefixed member and the movable member of the testing machine; grips can be either thefixed or self-aligning type. In either case,the grippingsystem must minimize both slippage and uneven stress distribution...By means of our plastic testing expertise and modular product design, we will help find the testing solution that is right for you.

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