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ASTM D4533-Trapezoid Tearing Strength of Geotextiles

This test method is an index test used to measure the force required to continue or propagate a tear in woven or non-woven geotextiles by the trapezoid method. While useful for quality control and acceptance testing, the trapezoid tear test does not provide all the information needed for all design applications and other test methods should be used.

This test method is applicable to most geotextiles that include woven fabrics,nonwoven fabrics,layered fabrics,knit fabrics, and felts that are used for geotextile applications.

Equipment Required:

Tensile Testing Machine, Of the constant-rate-of-extension(CRE) or constant-rate-of-traverse(CRT) type with autographic recorder conforming to the requirements of specification D76/D76M.

Clamps,having all gripping surfaces parallel,flat, and capable of preventing slipping of the specimen during a test, and measuring 50.8 by no less than 76.2mm[2 by no less than 3in.], with the longer dimension perpendicular to the direction of application of the load.

Trapezoidal Template, optional, having the dimensions shown in Fig.1.We will help offer the bestsolution.

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