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ASTM A370-Tensile Bend Strength Steel Test Equipment

ASTM A370 covers standard test methods and definitions for mechanical testing steel products. The test involves testing procedures for wrought and cast steels, stainless steels and related alloys.

Tests include:

Specimen geometries include solid round, hollow round (cylinder), and flat. Wire products and fasteners are also addressed. When planning your testing procedure, it is helpful to note that the tensile test in ASTM A370 is similar to ASTM E8. The bend test in A370 is also similar to guided bend tests in ASTM E190 and E290. The hardness test uses the Brinell approach. The impact test uses charpy to determine energy absorption capability of a notched specimen as it fractures. The standards outlined in the ASTM A370 test method are to be followed to obtain reproducible and comparable results. The various mechanical tests described in the ASTM A370 text are used to determine properties required in the product specifications.

Equipment Required:
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