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ASTM C1684-Standard test method for flexural strength of advanced ceramics at ambient temperature-cylindrical rod strength

This test method is for the determination of flexural strength of rod shape specimens of advanced ceramic materials at ambient temperature. In many instances it is preferable to test round specimens rather than rectangular bend specimens, especially if the material is fabricated in rod form. This method permits testing of machined, drawn, or as-fired rod shaped specimens. It allows some latitude in the rod sizes and cross section shape uniformity. Rod diameters between 1.5 and 8 mm and lengths from 25 to 85 mm are recommended, but other sizes are permitted. Four-point-1/4 point as shown in Fig. 1 is the preferred testing configuration. Three-point loading is permitted. This method describes the apparatus, specimen requirements, test procedure, calculations, and reporting requirements. The method is applicable to monolithic or particulate- or whisker-reinforced ceramics. It may also be used for glasses. It is not applicable to continuous fiber-reinforced ceramic composites.

Equipment requirement:
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